Amplifying Children’s Creativity…Naturally!

Unleash children’s creativity and ingenuity, through environments that support children’s freedom to think for themselves, ponder problems, and dream up creations.

Children’s creativity thrives through playful problem-solving that involve planning projects, building structures, and creating venues for storytelling. This happens best in environments that support children’s freedom to think for themselves, where they have time to work, space to move about, an abundance of open-ended, natural materials, and the support of observant, thoughtful adults. During this workshop, we will uncover key elements of outdoor classrooms that uniquely support children’s creativity and learning. You’ll leave this workshop with renewed creativity and the tools to:

Focus: Outdoor Classroom Designs, Whole Child Development, Adult-Child Relationships, Documenting Learning

Duration: 2 hours

A link to download additional resources and a Nature Explore Workshop certificate of attendance will be provided upon completion.


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