Seven Minutes in Nature

As part of our Nature Explore Workshop series, participants are asked to silently and independently experience nature. Using all their senses, they look closely, move quietly and inhale the details. Here are a few reflections from Early Childhood Educators at Hillsborough Community College in Tampa, FL after spending only seven minutes in nature.

A branch, a vine encountered with time. Creatures slither crawl and climb. Sounds of the forest encompassed with peace, the foliage of green, brown and orange surrounds your soul with a peace from within. The truth of nature has been told, it is time for us to unfold.” ~Karin Carcano 

“Pine needles falling and get stuck in the vines; Creating a beautiful collage of chimes.” ~Eunice Lopez

“As the logs intertwine into one single line. I start to unwind. Mentally single line. All the green leaves I see bring me into bliss eternally. Oh Nature, what a pleasure to be in your womb. There’s no place like this room.” ~Tasha Williams 

“I remembered when my family and I were living in the forest in Ecuador. I remember our rustic house over a little river.  We had many plants such as coffee-cocoa (chocolate) and plantain bananas. I remember the smell of the forest, also the sounds of the insects and the flowing river. The best part was the clean air I breathed. I really got connected with nature!” ~Maria V.

The peace and poetry these workshop participants experience in that small window of time is astounding. These experiences of calming reflecting are available to you too by simply stepping out into nature, breathing it in and allowing it to take root.

Give yourself seven minutes in nature. What did you experience?