Celebrating 400 Certified Nature Explore Classrooms

Congratulations to our network of 400 Certified Nature Explore Classrooms! 10 years ago, we certified our first Nature Explore Classrooms. There were just a handful that first year but each year, as more and more people experience the benefits of allowing children to explore, play, learn and work in nature, our network grows. Nature Explore Classrooms are a perfect fit within any space that children spend their days. From early childhood centers and children’s museums to nature centers and home childcare providers, this network of committed individuals starts conversations, presents at conferences, write blogs, joins interest groups, provides tours, posts on social media and attends workshops, advancing a mission that truly changes the lives of children, families, teachers, and entire communities.

Through yearly recertification, our network shares stories of growth and sustainability along with reflections of friendships, adventure, discovery, compassion, cooperation, transformation and heart-centered teaching. Some in our network have always had nature as part of their program and now feel that they are a part of and connected to something bigger—a community of like-minded souls. Others in our network are new to the idea of outdoor classrooms and are amazed at how their programs have been transformed inside and out, even realizing added benefits of increased enrollment and visibility within the community.

Together, we are keeping it growing, stretching roots from coast to coast, with each classroom as unique as the children it serves. We are modeling what we believe is the best way to transform our world, through teaching children about the natural wonders of our world each day. We empower them, helping to form the next generation of environmental stewards while we ourselves connect with nature, creating powerful pockets of natural beauty and peace.

The Nature Explore program would like to thank each Certified Nature Explore Classroom in our network and to all those working towards achieving their outdoor classroom goals. Together, we are creating a momentum, positively changing lives as we look forward to a future of children growing in nature.