Learning Naturally Online Sessions

Inspiration. Information. Joy. Support. It’s all here in a six-part video series that includes live online conversations with the creators of the series, Eric Nelson, from Outdoor Classroom Project, and Tina Reeble of Nature Explore.

Register for as many sessions as you like. Each comes with a link to download a video to watch on your own and keep. Then join a live online conversation with Eric and Tina about that session topic.


The Value of a Natural Outdoor Classroom

Gain insights into the value natural outdoor classrooms provide. Explore research that demonstrates how learning with nature supports whole-child development.



The Joys of Teaching in a Natural Outdoor Classroom: Fostering Teacher Engagement

Explore effective strategies that strengthen teachers’ enthusiasm and joyful experiences in your natural outdoor classroom.


Strengthening Emotional Well-Being and Resilience Through Your Natural Outdoor Classroom

Discover time-tested strategies for supporting the emotional well-being of children through play and learning in natural outdoor classrooms.


Enhancing Peace and Harmony in Your Natural Outdoor Classroom

Explore ways to minimize conflict and support harmonious interaction in your natural outdoor classroom.


Encouraging Risk and Adventure Play in Your Natural Outdoor Classroom

Take a deeper look at how natural outdoor classrooms can support children’s adventurous play and allow them to master challenges.


Fostering Family Engagement in Your Natural Outdoor Classroom

Strengthen strategies for family involvement in your natural outdoor classroom using highly effective communication techniques.



Register for a Session:

July 9 – Enhancing Peace and Harmony (6:00pm–7:00pm CT)

July 14 – Encouraging Risk and Adventure Play (6:00pm–7:00pm CT)

July 23 – Fostering Family Engagement (6:00pm–7:00pm CT)

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Learning Naturally™ is an initiative of Child Educational Center and its Outdoor Classroom Project® and Dimensions Foundation and its Nature Explore Program.