What to Tell Parents?

 by  Alissa Ryder, Infant and Toddler Teacher at the Dimensions Educational Research Foundation’s Early Education Programs.

There comes a time, actually many times, in every teacher’s day when parents arrive animated and thrilled to see their child and they turn to you with hopeful eyes and ask, “so… how was their day?!”  The question is inevitable and if you’re anything like me you’ve been preparing for this exact moment since you first interacted with the child in the morning.  Of course you mention something positive and something specific but I propose you take it one step further.

What we have here at Dimensions is distinctive.  After all we are a Nature Explore school and our students do precisely that- they explore nature!  I suggest we weave our uniqueness into our conversations with parents and show them an aspect of their child that is related to their interactions with nature.

I think this is a beneficial effort on our part for many reasons. We are educating parents on their child’s interests outdoors which may lead to similar activities being conducted by adults and in turn promoting healthy families. We are engaged with our children outdoors and we are subliminally advertising the advantages of a nature school!