To Anonymous, With Love

By Dexter Lane, Nature Explore Writer and Consultant


Nancy tapped snow off her shoes as she opened large glass doors to the warmth of the Lincoln Mall, home to the Dimensions Educational Research Foundation and its Nature Explore program. Ahead of her in the foyer was an elderly woman, bundled against the cold outside. She seemed to be looking for something; an office, perhaps. Nancy approached, asking if she needed help.

“I’m looking for Dimensions,” said the woman.

“I’m going there myself. Come with me.”

“Please take this to Dimensions,” said the woman. Into Nancy’s hand she placed a small piece of paper: a note, handwritten in pencil, to which five 20-dollar bills were attached with a paper clip.

Nancy recognized the paper as having come from a pad enclosed with a Nature Explore fundraising letter. “Please come visit,” Nancy said.

“Thank you, but I want to remain anonymous,” the woman said as she slowly turned to walk back into the cold morning air.

Nancy read the note, and smiled.






On behalf of the thousands of children and who explore, discover, learn, and play at Nature Explore Outdoor Classrooms throughout the country, we thank our anonymous friend for her heartfelt gift, and wish her joy, love, and peace this holiday season, and beyond.

Image courtesy of via the Creative Commons license.