The Sea of Nature

by Debbie Wike, Human Resources Director
Dimensions Educational Research Foundation and Nature Explore

I am constantly looking for ways to make Nature Explore a positive, healthy work environment.  With the increase in speed at which individuals communicate and expect results, it seems to me that the workplace has developed into something that can literally take over your life.  In fact here at Nature Explore we spent the last several months reviewing and learning how to make sure we are striving and achieving that work/life balance.

May was a busy month for me with lots of family milestones happening.   On May 7th, my husband and I loaded up the car and headed east to the North Carolina coast.  What I discovered is exactly what we, at Nature Explore, communicate every single day. Engaging first hand in the natural world is a very healing, relaxing experience.

For two weeks straight, I stared at the beautiful blue/green Atlantic Ocean and compared it to the bright blue sky and the puffy white clouds.  I felt the warm white sand between my toes.  I played in waves with their white caps and I swam in cool, clear water while inhaling the smell of the air that only exists at the ocean.   I watched and laughed as families buried siblings in the sand, built elaborate villages, and squealed with delight as they outran waves gently approaching the shoreline.

At the end of my two week stay I realized that as a collective group of beach goers everyone there had done nothing except note and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounded us. I thought to myself how decadent it had been to just sit and behold Mother Nature at her finest. But you know what else I discovered?  My mind was clear, my body was refreshed, I was relaxed and ready to once again tackle the rigors of a busy workplace.

From now on I am going to be a big proponent for team members to recharge themselves by getting out of the workplace and enjoying what is an absolute gift –Nature!