Word Muse: The Glow of Connection

by Tina Reeble, Education Specialist, 
Dimensions Educational Research Foundation and Nature Explore


Do you remember the movie E.T., the scene where he reaches his finger out to the sky and it lights up with a glowing light and then he says, “E.T. phone home”?  That image has been with me this week as I have been reflecting on the word – connection.

I am thinking about people connections. There are family and friend connections that have slipped away.  I think about so many of these folks all the time and wish for a closer connection. Why is it that I have gotten so focused on the production of one day after another that I have found an excuse to be too busy to keep in touch with the people I care about?  On the other hand, I am making exciting new connections with folks across the globe who are committed to their missions in early childhood care and education.  Wow, a global friendship circle, how awesome is that!

A few weeks ago a fortune cookie revealed that I would have an enchanted evening on the next full moon.  So, I looked it up the date and circled January 9th  on my calendar.  The 9th arrived and I went about my daily routine with growing anticipation, contemplating various scenarios that I might indulge in to make my evening as enchanting as predicted.  Randomly, at 7:00pm I found myself running out of my son’s Cub Scout meeting to the corner Quick Stop to buy more glue sticks. Ha, some enchanted evening this turned out to be!  When I returned, 11 boys and a few parents were busy putting their favorite photos into scrapbooks.  I decided I might as well sit down and join in, and I asked one of the boys to tell me about his pictures.  As he started to tell his stories, he giggled and looked up at me and WHAM! There it was- connection – all I had to do was look deep into his eyes to see the glowing light.  It turns out I had an enchanted evening after all.

And what about connecting to nature?  If you had seen the poor dried-up plant in my office that I finally disposed of (after a co-worker gently pointed out to me that it looked like I hadn’t watered it in about 3 months), you’d be wondering about me a bit, too.  Not too many days after that I celebrated my birthday, December 23, sitting by a camp fire, walking through the prairie grass and singing carols with family and friends.  During a quiet moment I became intensely aware of the crisp cold air that I was breathing in and looked up into the sky.  Majestic and mysterious, the Milky Way beckoned.  Conversations shifted to stars, planets and faraway places.  In that moment I felt it- connection- that strong pull, that awareness that I am somehow miraculously a part of something so grand.  I took a deep breathe, felt inner stirrings shift and settle, ahhh…

So here I am today with my finger pointed out to you, the sparkling yellow “E.T.” light aglow, feeling more open and aware.  Reach out and connect.  I can’t wait to hear from you!

Our next word is Amazement. 

Be bold, choose to be extraordinary, and I will see you next week.