Thankful for Nature

by Kara Hesser, parent and families club participant

Although the wind was brisk on this particular Saturday morning, our family ventured out to Pioneers Park for Nature Explore Families’ Club.   With both boys bundled from head to toe, we met up with other families.  Alex, who is now in first grade, was thrilled to see some familiar faces…especially Chris Kiewra who coordinates these very special outings

As a parent, it is so inspiring seeing not only my children, but others as well, connecting with nature.  Being outside allows their imagination to run wild!  When they make a special discovery, they want to share their findings with others…which creates confidence and encourages interactive conversation

One of the most fascinating findings of the day was a muskrat building a dam in the middle of a shallow lake.  The muskrat was not afraid of our group, and at times came within 6 feet to gather more materials for his habitat!

My youngest son, Christopher, is one…but the great thing about being outside is that there are no age restrictions.  He and a few other younger kids explored the park in their own way!  Christopher observed the other kids very closely, moved the woodchips around, and smiled as the cold air hit is nose.

It is mornings like this that create lasting memories and I am thankful for that special time with my children.  Nature Explore Families’ Club gives both my husband and I ideas for making outdoor time with our boys a priority.  I think most parents can agree, being outside with our kids doesn’t cost anything…but the adventure is priceless.

2 responses on “Thankful for Nature”

oneangie says:

I love your statement, “the great thing about being outside is that there are no age restrictions”. I always notice when my niece, 10, and nephew, 3, play outside together it is much more interactive and there are less squabbles. There is always something for them to do together outside that really interests them both. Seems like Indoors we always have to find activities that gear more toward my nephew because he is younger. Which isn’t necessarily bad, but outside is by far much more freeing.

chrisk says:

I totally agree about how much fun it is to spend time outdoors with people you care about! Alex was a rock star at the park as he eagerly helped everyone notice details and interpret what they were seeing.

One of the most fun things for me continues to be reconnecting with preschool “alumni” as they grow. It gives me the chance celebrate alongside their parents!

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