SECA Outdoor Classroom Contest

by Heather Fox,  Education Specialist,
Dimensions Educational Research Foundation and Nature Explore

Nature-inspired learning spaces are thriving all over the world. This trend is really catching on and we couldn’t be happier about it. Forest Schools, Nature Explore Classrooms and Playscapes, Outdoor Classrooms, Nature Preschools, etc. all provide a nature-based backdrop for learning.

We have spent some time working with the fine folks at The Southern Early Childhood Association (SECA). They truly understand the important role nature plays in the lives of children and recently launched their 2013 Exemplary Outdoor Classroom Contest. The goal is to highlight quality, nature-friendly outdoor early childhood learning environments and pose them as a model for programs seeking to improve their own outdoor spaces. SECA 2013 Exemplary Classroom Contest award winners will also receive a cash award to purchase outdoor enhancements from Nature Explore.

We wanted to take this opportunity to invite all of our Certified Nature Explore Classrooms and any nature-based outdoor space located in one of the 14 states associated with SECA to take advantage of this amazing opportunity!

Applications must be postmarked or sent electronically on or before September 30, 2012 and the awards will be given at the 2013 SECA Annual Conference in Mobile, AL.