Our Outreach, and Why We’d Love to Speak With You

By Cory Kibler, Communications Specialist with the Nature Explore program

OutreachWe at the Nature Explore program are a lucky group. Along with supporting a mission we believe to be more important than ever—connecting children with nature—we also get to spend a lot of time working and speaking with others who are also deeply invested in our children. Educators, administrators, teachers, parents, legislators, nonprofits, you name it: There are all kinds of people supporting this mission. And our interconnectedness is vital.

In an ideal world, the topic of early education would be an ongoing global conversation. While it’s not quite there yet, it’s on its way, all because of early-education advocates like you.

This is particularly apparent during upcoming events like California Association for the Education of Young Children Annual Conference (CAEYC), Conference on the Young Years, Green Schools National Conference, and countless others. Within these communities, we have the distinct honor of sharing our vision that, by connecting every child with nature every day in outdoor classrooms, we can impart a richer natural experience for every generation.

As if that weren’t amazing enough, we are also able to connect with others who share the same passion for education, but who have refreshingly unique and different approaches than ours. And, in traveling toward the same goals from all different angles and with different trajectories, we improve and evolve early education more than we can know.

Let’s start a conversation, if we haven’t already. Give us a call (888.908.8733). Send us an email. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. We’d love to speak with you.