#MyTree Contest Winner Announced


We all—if we’re lucky—have a tree.

A flowering crabapple with branches the perfect height for climbing.

A silver maple that supports a much-loved rope swing.

A weeping willow that offers shade and a quiet spot for reflection.

In honor of Arbor Day, April 24, we asked for photos of YOUR tree(s) and Nature Explore’s inaugural #MyTree contest was born. We were eager to learn which natural beauties held meaning for our friends and colleagues, but we weren’t sure what to expect. Would people actually take pictures of trees? Would children embrace the spirit of this contest? And, how would geography play into the equation; would a resident of the Southwest substitute a photo of a saguaro cactus? (Alas, no.)

The images that flooded in were breathtaking in their joyfulness. One preschooler made snow angels in mulch. Others joined hands to hug a “Grandfather Tree.” Trees united generations and inspired dreamy exploration in all seasons.

Your photographs captured the deep connection between humans—especially children—and the natural world. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then it must be said: The #MyTree images comprise a beautiful novel of whimsy, playfulness, contemplation and love.

Congratulations to our winning photo, submitted by Pine Rock Farms. It is timeless, magical and hopeful—just like a tree.

MyTree Winner









Here are a few more of our favorites:

tree stump







Tree over river







tree lookout









Tree Hug







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4 responses on “#MyTree Contest Winner Announced”

Micheline Edwards says:

Thank you for selecting our photo we are very touched and excited. There were so many beautiful selections.

natureexplore says:

Congratulations! Thank you again for sharing such a magical photo with us!

Thank you for choosing my photo of my son in a tree (“tree lookout”) as one of your favorites. This is the very tree my son learned to climb on, and we’re lucky to live very close to the park where the tree is!

natureexplore says:

Thank you for sharing! It was a wonderful photo and one of our favorites here at Nature Explore.

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