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Engaging, inspiring and research-based sessions to support you and your team during this trying time. Nature soothes the soul and finding hope in your daily life can too. Join us as we continue to explore concepts and plan for nature-rich experiences for children and the adults who support them.


Supporting Infants and Toddlers in Nature-rich Outdoor Environments (2 hours)
This Live Online session will focus on supporting high-quality learning experiences for infants and toddlers by incorporating nature into their environments and daily routines. We will analyze possible natural materials for this age group and discuss video clips of infants and toddlers in action in nature. Join us as we expand ways to foster the excitement and love of nature for our youngest children by supporting them through developmentally appropriate nature-rich experiences.


Keeping it Growing: Maintaining and Sustaining Your Outdoor Classroom (2 hours)
This Live Online session will provide specific ideas and strategies to keep your outdoor classroom growing, both physically and metaphorically. Learn what the latest research says about how to make your outdoor classroom an integral, thriving program component. Join us as we plan for healing, learning and joy in your outdoor space.    


Enhancing Whole-Child Development through Natural Outdoor Classrooms (2 hours)
This Live Online session will help participants discover new “eyes” to see the valuable and unique whole-child learning that occurs in natural outdoor classrooms. We will explore tools educators can use to identify, assess and support the wide variety of skills children are developing as they interact with nature and natural materials. Join us as we learn strategies for making learning visible for children, staff, families and the professional community.


Heart-Centered Self-Care Inspired by Nature (2 hours)
This Live Online session will help participants create a balanced and inspired work environment with a people-centered approach focused on life-long learning, celebration, reflection and nature-rich living.


Practical Tips: Caring for Your Outdoor Classroom, Your Children and You (2 hours)
Learn practical strategies to use and maintain thriving natural outdoor classrooms. We’ll address the most frequently asked questions around caring for outdoor learning spaces, involving children in real work, and promoting a healing sense of wonder in our children and ourselves – even during a pandemic.


Addressing Challenging Behaviors Through Natural Outdoor Classrooms (2 hours)
In this Live Online session, we’ll explore the powerful ways nature-rich experiences benefit children with challenging behaviors and the people who work with them. Through stories, photos, research and hands-on activities, we’ll examine specific features of well-designed natural outdoor classrooms that support self-regulation, physical and mental well-being, and resilience. Hear how and why educators in natural outdoor classrooms can focus less on ‘managing behavior’ and more on observing, supporting and connecting with children as they become more calm and focused through connections with the wonders of the natural world.


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