Hope Opens

By Dexter Lane, Nature Explore Program Writer and Consultant  

In April, the Hope Center in Denver, Colorado, officially opened its Certified Nature Explore Classroom.  As you can see, we all had a great time.

Children, teachers, family members (and a cameraman) listened to the speakers from the new hill in the outdoor classroom.  I was impressed by the children’s concentration as they both watched the speakers, and scanned the classroom in anticipation

Mrs. Gerie Grimes, Hope Center’s President/CEO, framed by budding branches, and dressed in an elegant nature inspired jacket welcomed us.

Then, with a burst of energy and enthusiasm, children spread throughout their new outdoor classroom to explore the different activity areas; to mess about with pine cones, shells, seed pods and blocks; to roll on the hill; to balance walk along the logs bordering the Messy Materials Area…

Support from the US Forest Service made Hope Center’s outdoor classroom possible. All in attendance certainly enjoyed the fruits of their generous assistance.

I returned to Hope Center a few weeks later to enjoy vocal performances with dancing..

tower building and tumbling….

and construction projects–everyone wanted to get into the act!