Bird Team Poem

By Dexter Lane, Nature Explore Consultant

_MG_0287Recently I had the pleasure of meeting members of the Bird Team; students between the ages of three and five, at Dimensions Early Education Program in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Students on the Bird Team ensure that the many bird feeders in their Certified Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom, (and elsewhere around the school), are well-stocked with the right seeds.  They are also known for having shattered ice in their birdbaths, exposing the water below; and, when necessary, using hot water to melt heavy ice.  In addition to these activities, Bird Team members study, observe and document birds sighted at the feeders.

Below is a tribute to their conservation activities, written for them.

1-13-14To The Bird Team

Nebraska bird lovers-
We know what they’re thinkin’.
They’re telling their bird friends To fly over Lincoln.

A preschool in Lincoln, Nebraska, is where,
The Bird Team is helping
Their friends in the air.


This winter’s been freezing.
Who would help birds- I ask you?
The Bird Team will do it!
They’ve come to the rescue.

They unfreeze the birdbaths
For Robins, and Sparrows,
And Cardinals, and Chickadees.
These kids are their heroes.

BirdInside their classrooms
They practice with seeds,
Filling the feeders,
Taking care of birds’ needs.

Outdoor feeders are filled-up
In the coldest of weather,
As The Bird Team shows love to
Their friends of the feather.

Bird 2Then all joining hands,
“Go- Bird Team!,” they shout.
Kids study birds indoors, and
Take care of them out.

And after birds swoop down
From high in the air,
They eat and they bathe, and
They know that you care.

When these Lincoln birds sing
I know just what they mean.
In bird-talk they’re singing,
“We Love You, Bird Team!”